Valley Home Remodeling, LLC.

Your local handyman service for small and medium size home remodeling projects.

When possible, we buy local milled hemlock lumber. We kiln dry it and measure for the right moisture levels for grade inspection and stamping. Innately, Hemlock is a much harder wood than pine. Big box stores are great for most materials, but we’ve found that they over dry their lumber which can lead to cracking and splitting.

Kiln drying our own lumber is a great way to sustainably harvest the materials that we have right here in Williamsport.

Afterall, we are located in the lumber capital of the world right?

We blend old school knowhow with modern construction techniques. Measure twice and cut once is sort of our unwritten law. Laser guided saws rock but if your measurement is not accurate, then neither is the laser placement.

If we screw it up, we will rip it back out and fix it.

We enjoy reading up on cool new construction techniques that will save time and money.

…. and we’re sort of not sure how much we like to read those massive codes manuals, but it’s something that needs to be done. Diligence in following local codes provide us all a safety net.

We appreciate our brave Veterans and we are happy to extend a Veterans discount. Your sacrifice is the reason that Americans can enjoy their liberty and freedom.

Valley Home Remodeling, LLC is a Veteran owned and operated company.
Contacts us: 570 601 7669, leave a message or send email to: